The Institution of Royal Engineers (InstRE)

Auf Wiedersehen BAOR special train in June 2019

The journey and the narrative focuses particularly on the 1945-1949 rehabilitation of Germany by British military engineers and logisticians rebuilding civic society – power, transport and water – using old-fashioned make-do-and mend. It is not widely recognised that Germany in 1945 was the worst man made humanitarian crisis in European history: 30 million people including the homeless civilians, PoWs, DPs, and a relatively tiny British Liberation Army.

This narrative is supported by the Founding Director of the Royal Logistic Corps, Maj Gen David Burden CB CVO CBE.

The Luftwaffe have provided enough financial support for a discounted “Served in Germany” fare. Before the 1963 reorganisation, CRE owned almost all the technical expertise, from port clearance to waterways and postal service. The second British Military Governor in Germany was himself a Royal Engineer, having been the Deputy from 1945.

Finally, in the spirit of British Military Trains – RE(Tn) and RCT, and of BAOR – this train has more Bar Cars than the Venice-Simplon Orient Express!

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