The Institution of Royal Engineers (InstRE)


  As part of the Defence Engineering Remuneration Review (DERR), the Army will offer an Engineering Professional Registration Award (EPRA) to eligible regular soldiers and officers across the four technical cap badges for the attainment of professional registration at Eng Tech/ICT Tech and CEng.  
Payments will be made to eligible personnel who have gained one of the recognised qualifications since 1 Apr 18.  The scheme will be subject to periodic review, however it is anticipated to be one of a suite of measures which targets engineering specialists within the Armed Forces and is envisaged to endure in its current or similar format until 31 Mar 23.

You do not qualify for the EPRA until you submit an application to the Institution of Royal Engineers (InstRE) for EngTech (or CEng) and are successful in your application.

What should I do now?
1. Apply to InstRE for EngTech, preferably after attending Class 1 training and before attending JCC. (Click on the link below for EngTech)
2. Take your EngTech certificate to a JPA administrator and get EngTech recorded as a joint competence on your record.
3. Apply to Army HQ through chain of command for the cash.

Click here to download the EPRA admin instruction Amdt 1

Click here to download the RE Guide to EPRA

Click here to start an application for Chartered Engineer (CEng) status

Click here to start an application for Engineering Technician (EngTech) status