The Institution of Royal Engineers (InstRE)

The Institution of Royal Engineers (InstRE), The Royal Engineers Association (REA), The RE Museum, The RE Vocational Education Training Trust (REVETT) and The RE Central Charitable Trust (RECCT)
What We Collect. You have chosen to be a member of or be associated with one or more of the RE Charities and we each take your privacy seriously. We will only use the personal information you have provided in support of the legitimate interests of the organisation and to administer your account and provide those products and services you have asked us for. We will collect, hold and process your personal data in support of the aims and objectives of the Charity.  This refers to your personal data: name; rank; address; telephone number(s); and email address and anything that could be used to identify you personally. In addition, we will collect and hold, where necessary, details of your bank account. For those members for whom we provide qualification and professional registration support, we collect details of your qualifications, level of registration and your employment record. We also hold biographical details of some members for the production of memoirs.

Who We Share It With. We will share your personal data with other RE Charities (Institution of Royal Engineers, Royal Engineers Association, RE Museum, RE Vocational Education Training Trust, RE Central Charitable Trust) in support of our shared interests but will never share with any other third parties. A formal Data Sharing Agreement has been signed between these parties and this limits the use that each Charity can make of the data. We may, from time to time, share data with the Engineering Council and other awarding bodies in pursuit of the legitimate interests of the of these bodies in maintaining national registers and in auditing these processes in the Public Interest.  We do not use automated profiling or sorting of your data and it will never be shared with any marketing organisations. Your data may be shared with contractors that provided services (eg publications distribution, database management) and such sharing will be subject to contract conditions that meet the requirements of GDPR, limit the use of the data to a specific purpose and require its deletion after use.

How Long We Keep It. We will retain your data for as long as you remain a member of the organisation or until, in certain circumstances, you ask us to delete it. An outline record will be kept in perpetuity for the historical archives of the Corps and Registration details will be maintained until the next 5-year Review by the Engineering Council.  Other records of qualifications and apprenticeships will be kept on the basis of the public duty or legitimate interests of the awarding bodies for up to 7 years. Gift Aid Declarations and records will be maintained for audit by HMRC as a legal obligation

Your Rights. You have the right of access to your personal data, to have inaccurate data rectified and you may withdraw your consent to data you provide to us at any time by writing to us, with proof of identity, requesting the data to be removed and this will be done unless there is a legal basis for retaining some of the data.   Should you wish to complain about any aspect of how we process your data you should get in touch with the Data Protection Officer or Data Controller, details of both are given below.

Our Contact Details.  Should you wish to get in touch about any aspect of how we collect, store, process and dispose of your data you should contract the appropriate Data Controller or the Data Protection Officer:
Charity Data Controller Email: Tel:
InstRE The Secretary 01634 822298
REA The Controller 01634 822982
The Re Museum The Director 01634 822261
RECCT The Corps Treasurer 01634 822355
REVETT The Chief Executive 01634 823078
or The RE Data Protection Officer
RE RHQ The Corps Secretary 01634 822121

All the above can be written to at RHQ RE, Ravelin Building, Brompton Barracks, Chatham  ME4 4UG.
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