The Institution of Royal Engineers (InstRE)

Sappers Network Ltd is the Corps of Royal Engineers’ own employment support service and network for Regulars, Reservists and Veterans of all ranks.
Sappers Network has been established by the Corps to help you to find employment and to assist with your transition when you decide to leave the Army, regardless of rank or trade.  The focus is on you, the Sapper, whether you are a regular, a reservist, a veteran or have retired from active service.  We have links with employers, both large and small, across many industry sectors, who recognise the skills that you have and who are keen to employ you. 
If you are looking for a role or you are in a company that wants to employ Sappers, please register at or contact Bob Lisle on 07794-709355 or
Sappers Network is seeking former Sappers who have established themselves in business to act as mentors to those going through the process of finding their first civilian job.
We want to ensure that our candidates get the best preparation for their interviews and selection assessments; your role will be to guide them towards the best start in their new career.
If you are able to assist, please contact Max Heron (07854-555354) either direct or through our website at or
You can follow Sappers Network on Twitter @SappersNetwork or Facebook Group Sappers Network or LinkedIn Group Sappers Network.
Sappers Network is run by Sappers for the benefit of Sappers