The Institution of Royal Engineers (InstRE)

Vacancy-Controller Royal Engineers Association

Position Title:  Controller REA
Location of Post:  Ravelin Building, Prince Arthur Road, Chatham, Kent ME4 4UG (located in the RE Museum building)
Date Post Available: January 2018
Salary:  £40,000 per annum
Length of Contract:    Permanent
Leave:  30 days per annum plus 9 public holidays
Employment Type: Full Time  0800 hrs – 1630 hrs Mon to Thu,  Fri 0800 hrs to 1600 hrs
Standard Hours: 37.5 hours weekly
Relocation Expenses: The post does not offer any relocation expenses
Parking: There is adequate free parking available to RHQ RE employees
The Organisation: 
The Royal Engineers Association (REA) is the Regimental Association of the Corps of Royal Engineers. 
The original REA was founded in October 1912 under the name of The Royal Engineers Old Comrades Association.  The Aims of the Association may be interpreted to be:
a.  To promote and support the Corps among members of the Association in the following ways:
     (1)   By fostering esprit de corps and a spirit of comradeship and service.
     (2)   By maintaining an awareness of Corps traditions.
     (3)   By acting as a link between serving and retired members of the Corps.
b.  To provide financial and other assistance to serving and former members of the Corps, their spouses, widows, widowers and dependants who are in need through poverty.
c.  To make grants, within Association Guidelines, to the Army Benevolent Fund and to other charities that further the objectives of the Association.
The motto of the Association is “Service - not self”
Further information about the Association, visit the REA website
Summary of Role:
The Controller is the principal staff officer of the REA, responsible to the Chairman for the day to day running of the Association. Importantly he leads a small staff and manages the large network of REA branches across the country. This is a role with little back up and consequently carries great responsibility.
Essential and desirable criteria
  • Applicants must have served in the Corps of Royal Engineers and have a detailed knowledge of Royal Engineer history, customs and Association organisation.
  • A working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Access and Excel is essential.
  • A working knowledge of charity finances and regulations is desirable. 
Job Description:
The main role of the Controller is to  manage the Royal Engineers Association (REA), specifically to ensure the REA:
  • complies with the objectives defined in the REA 5 year Strategic Review as directed by the REA Trustees
  • complies with the Charity’s Objects and Rules
  • carries out all policy aspects of Royal Engineers welfare concerning serving and retired officers, soldiers and their families
  • engages and involves itself with wider Corps affairs in order to maximise the interactions and relationships of the Corps’ different elements for bigger gain. (Current main effort)
  • actively supports the through-life aspects of the Corps
  • complies with Charity Commission guidelines and its guidelines for Financial Control
Key areas of responsibility are:
  • Take charge of the HQ office and lead a staff comprising an Assistant Controller and 3 clerical assistants
  • Report to and advise the Major General chair of the REA and the Corps Colonel Royal Engineers.
  • Satisfy the REA Strategic Objectives (attached)
  • Adviser, through the Corps Colonel, to the Chief Royal Engineer on all aftercare policy on death, serious injury and medical discharge of soldiers and officers.
  • Oversee and manage all policy aspects of REA welfare concerning serving and retired officers and soldiers and their dependants.
  • As REA delegated budget holder, authorise all financial expenditure.
  • Liaison and co-ordination with all other welfare agencies, the MOD and RE units in support to injured military personnel.
  • Make decisions that have potential for high impact, positive or negative on vulnerable individuals'.
  • Planning, administration and coordination of top level Association meetings.
  • Planning and coordination of annual core programme of commemorative events and those of historic significance.
  • Attendance at Corps weekend functions and Branch functions as required. 
  • Adviser to Association Committees and the Chief Royal Engineer on the management and over 100 Association branches throughout the UK and overseas.
  • Compiling REA input to the Journal of the Corps of Royal Engineers (The Sapper Magazine).
  • Fostering "esprit de corps" within the RE Association
  • Line Manager for 1 x Civil Servant and 3 x Charity Employees
To apply for the post please submit a CV.  Candidates must outline clearly how their qualifications
and experience meet both the essential and desirable requirements.  All information given will be
treated with the strictest confidence.
CVs should be sent to:
The Controller, HQ REA, Ravelin Building, Brompton Bks, Chatham, Kent ME4 4UG
Alternatively, CVs may be submitted by email. 
Please use the following email address:
Closing date for applications – 15th December 2017