The Institution of Royal Engineers (InstRE)

There are several categories of membership:

  • Membership The Fellows and Members shall consist of officers, warrant officers, senior and junior NCOs, both regular and Reserve, serving in or retired from the Corps of Royal Engineers. Membership may also be offered to those serving or who have served in the engineer arm of the land forces of the Commonwealth, former Dominions, Colonies or Dependencies and such friendly nations as the Council of the Institution shall determine. Exceptionally, Council InstRE will consider an application for membership from an individual who holds the rank of Sapper or who retired as a Sapper.  Each case will be considered on its merits but the applicant would be expected to demonstrate exceptional suitability either through holding exemplary engineering qualifications or through registration as a professional engineer.
  • Apprentice Technician Membership is available for those serving in the rank of Sapper.
  • Honorary Members are elected by the Council. This is a personal honour and is not conferred on the holder of an office as such. Members of the Royal Engineers are not eligible for election as Honorary Members.
  • Honorary Associate Membership is reserved for the Chief Engineers of the armed forces of friendly nations and others who by their appointment hold an office with whom the Institution have an affiliation.
  • Associate Membership is now not offered. Current associate members may, under payment of the appropriate fee, become full members.

All requests for membership, including recommendations for Honorary Membership, should be referred to the Secretary. The telephone number and address are on the Home Page. If you would like more details by email, please use the hyperlink:

We are now issuing membership cards, please send a passport sized photograph along with your application form.

Application Forms
To apply for membership you will need one of the following forms (1 or 2 below)
For those who are serving in the Reserve Army or who are now non-serving, the direct debit form and gift aid form will also be required (as hardcopy)

Once completed please send the required forms to:

Ravelin Building
Brompton Barracks

 1 Membership Application Form Regular/Reserve.doc
 2 Membership Application Form Retired.doc
Direct Debit Form
Gift Aid Declaration Form
Introduction to the Institution
Institution Publications List
Corps History Information

Annual Membership Subscriptions:

Subscriptions are rank - ranged and are as follows:

Regular Army
Regular Officers contribute 71.5% of a day's pay through Payroll Giving (Day's Pay Scheme)
Regular Soldiers contribute 10% of a day's pay through Payroll Giving.

Reserve Army
Reserve Officers and Warrant Officers £62.10
Reserve SNCOs £51.75
Reserve JNCOs £41.40

Additional rates for the Reserve have been agreed. These are:

Warrant Officer £10.35
SNCO £8.28
JNCO/Spr £5.18
These lower rates give Full Membership of the Institution (Apprentice Technician Membership for Sprs) and online access to publications.

Non Serving
The annual rate for Members who are now retired from the Corps is £41.40