The Institution of Royal Engineers (InstRE)

InstRE User Guide for the recording of Continuous Personal Development

As a member of the Institution of Royal Engineers you have free access to a CPD recording tool. It is known as Mycareerpath and is simple to use online software.

This guide is an attempt to steer new users through the initial setup of an account and to enable registrants to comply with a request to submit a CPD record for assessment.
(Those who hold EngTech, IEng or CEng have already made a commitment to maintain their CPD) It covers how to upload evidence, create reports and have them reviewed.

If you find that this guide is inaccurate or incomplete please email Jason Farnell

1.The log on page to Mycareerpath sits in the Institution members' area of the website so you will initially have to log in here:
In the centre pane go to "Click here to register" This will present you with an online form which, once submitted, will automatically issue you with a password. Your service number will be your username.

2. Once you have received the log in password you can then go to the InstRE website. Look for the blue button which says Mycareerpath PDS. At the login page input your service number as the username and enter the password. You should then be taken to the login page for Mycareerpath.

3. At first use you will have to click Register to set up a new account. Thereafter click on Login and enter your details.

4. Mycareerpath allows you to create and populate three elements. They can be found at the upper right. They are:
       a.  A CPD Plan (what CPD you intend to do in the next year)
       b.  Evidence (what you actually do in the year)
       c.  A CPD Report (a combination of PlanEvidence and your job spec for a given time period)

5. To start, go to upper right hand side and click Plans and on the next page click Add Plan. You will then be able to add title, objectives, start date and completion date. Select CPD from the Select a profile drop down menu. Click Save. 

6. Evidence. Once again go to the upper right. click Evidence. When doing this for the first time a message will say It looks like you haven't submitted any evidence yet. To add evidence, click the Add evidence button. (Alternatively you can also use the Quick CPD Record feature from the homepage. This allows you to input title, details and date. You can then Save and it is entered in your evidence list. This is especially useful if you are pushed for time and just want to record the basic details. You can then click on the evidence when you have more time and fill in further detail)

7. The Evidence wizard will prompt you to add information
    a. Evidence Title. Give your evidence a name
    b. Lessons learnt. This could be a list of the lesson objectives
    c. Benefits gained. State how carrying out this training makes you become better in your job. Reflect on what you learned rather than just what was taught. How do you apply this new knowledge?
    d. Start date. When the period of training started
    e. Completion date. A one day course for example would have identical start and completion dates.

8. You can upload a file to support your evidence. Give it a title and browse to it. Then click Upload.

9. You can have your evidence looked at by somebody else to give you some feedback. Simply insert their email address and click Save & Review.

10. To Save your evidence click on Save which is in the save your evidence section.

11. At some stage in the future you are likely to be asked by your Institution to submit a CPD record. This is a two part process. Firstly, go once again to the upper right hand side and this time click Reports.

12. Initially you will see It looks like you haven't created any progress reports yet. To create a report, click the Add Report button above.

13. On clicking Add Report you will be asked to give your report a Report title and then to select Start date and End date to identify the period the report covers. Ensure CPD report is selected.

14. Click Save and view. You can also send your report for review.

15. When you come back to Reports you will see the report has been saved in a list. Any report in the list can be viewed, deleted or exported to .pdf format. Just look to the icons to the right.

16. You will be informed if you have been selected to make a CPD submission. Further information will be sent to those people who are selected.