The Institution of Royal Engineers (InstRE)

The Churchill Medal Award 2019 – 2020


The Churchill Medal is the premier prize awarded annually by the Professional Engineering Institutions (PEIs) for Defence engineering achievement. The award is for an individual or a small team (the majority of whom are serving members of the Armed Forces or were serving at the time) for ‘achievement in Engineering and Technical Advancement in support of the development and use of capability to support Military Operations/Readiness’

Notable recipients of the Churchill Medal include Sir Frank Whittle in 1952 for the Jet Engine and Sir Bernard Lovell in 1964 for his work on Radio Astronomy. Following the reinstitution of the award in 2011, the range of innovation displayed by the successful finalists has been quite stunning with the judgement panel suitably exercised accordingly.
The Institution of Royal Engineers would like to congratulate the winners and runners up for the award during the period 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020:
Winners - British Army Training Unit Suffield Workshop – Electronic Support Group comprising:
Warrant Officer Class 2 (AQMS) David Thomas
Sergeant Graham Baker
Sergeant Matthew Clayton
Corporal Christopher Bloomfield
Corporal Kate Bramley
Corporal Steven Kendrick
Corporal Isaac Royals
Corporal Samuel Snape

Equal Runners Up:
HMS Ambush

63 & 66 Works Groups Royal Engineers

Warrant Officer 1 (FoS) WILSON

Cpl Wolstencroft - UK JFAC
As part of Operation RESCRIPT in March 2020, 63 & 66 Wks Gps deployed Military Assessment Teams (MAT) to investigate and select non-clinical sites across the UK, followed by Military Mentoring and Advisory Teams (MMAT) to support the NHS in the planning, design and delivery of Nightingale hospitals at London, Birmingham, Harrogate and Manchester.  nominated for their roles in the innovative design and construction of the Nightingale Hospitals.  This was a massive collaborative and team effort in the best traditions of the Royal Engineers but Lt Col Tony Cheales CO 66 Wks Gp RE, included the following institution members as worthy of special mention for their contribution:
WO1 Rhys Browne
Maj Ben Foster
Maj Matt Fry
Maj Matt Hastings
Maj Gary Jackson
Maj Angela Laycock
WO1 Eugene Nel
Maj Andy Wheeler