The Institution of Royal Engineers (InstRE)

RE Journal submissions most welcome! Prizes available………..
Here are the details of a new competition, the Contemporary Engineering Challenge 2020, together
with the categories of submission for the RE Journal and the value of the cash prizes available:
Submission Category

Contemporary Engineering Challenge-
Professional Development

Contemporary Engineering Challenge-
Future Opportunities

Contemporary Engineering Challenge-
Learning from the past

Contemporary Engineering Challenge-
Planning and Command

Contemporary Engineering Challenge-
Adaptation and Innovation

Contemporary Engineering Challenge-
Logistics and Technical

Junior Rank Prize

WO or SNCO Prize

Junior Officer Prize











Best promotes or fosters education
in the art and science of military engineering.

Best identifies the opportunities for the
future of the Corps of Royal Engineers.

Identifies pertinent lessons from the
past which are applicable in today’s and
tomorrow’s challenges for the Corps.

Best submission on planning and command
aspects of the Royal Engineers work
today and in the future

Best submission on an adaptation
for innovation that Royal Engineers
have done in the past 3 years

Best submission on either logistical,

or technical aspects of the Royal
Engineers work today and in the future

Best submission (any category) from a

junior rank

Best submission (any category) from a


Best submission (any category)

from a junior officer
Submissions must be from a Member of the Institution (ie Serving Regular/Reserve or a retired Member) or an Apprentice Technician Member if a Sapper. Please ensure that the article includes a covering email stating the category being entered. All submissions should be written in Microsoft Word with pictures (with appropriate captions) both embedded and attached separately in order to aid formatting. Articles should be no more than 3,000 words in length (this is a limit not a target!)

Members can write on any engineering subject that deserves attention and will be of interest to others. For example, if there is a view out there from a person within a section or a Troop on the shape and feel of armoured engineering downstream then a piece on that would be most welcome or, perhaps, a young geospatial engineer proffering a view on the technical aspects of that particular capability? Most importantly, all entries will be judged blind (ie without knowledge of rank or experience to ensure a level playing field) and on their merit by the panel. The Institution is particularly keen to acknowledge the contribution of junior Members, who are more than capable of winning the main prize.

In addition to the main prize categories there will also be a number of discretionary smaller cash prizes of £25-£50 for articles that the judging panel consider to be worthy of reward (eg a good article of general interest to Members, a subject that comes up with a new idea, a submission that highlights an area for further study, a particularly well written article by a junior Member, etc).

Please submit your entry to the Editor RE Journal ( by 31 Aug 20 to allow the prize for respective categories to be selected. The best submission will then be presented at the Corps of Royal Engineers Awards for Engineering Excellence 2020 being held on Thursday 26 November 2020 at One Great George Street, London SW1P 3AA.