The Institution of Royal Engineers (InstRE)

Study Day - Manoeuvre Support to the Division
17 July 2018

The study day looks like it will be an excellent opportunity to see key speakers on this topic. 
A main events list for the day is shown below.

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The Conference will be free to Members of the
Institution and the REHS.
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Ser Time Subject
1 0830 – 0845hrs
(15 mins)
Registration and Refreshments
2 0845 – 0910hrs
(25 mins
Welcome & Introductory Remarks
Keynote speaker
3 0920 – 1100hrs
(100 mins)

(25 mins)

(25 mins)

(25 mins)

 (25 mins)
Session One:  Manoeuvre Support to the Division in Context & Historical Perspectives

Enduring Engineering Tasks in battle - Analysis from WW2
- Interactive discussion based on film segments from Sapper Tasks 1948.
Lessons learned from the Cold War / Op GRANBY  
Vignettes to offer reflections / lessons for planning purposes.
Engineer Support to the Division – a Russian Perspective
‘A view from over the hill’ on Russian Military Engineering capability developments from the Cold War to current day.
Panel Discussion
4 1100 – 1120hrs
(20 mins)
5 1120 – 1240hrs
15 mins

10 mins

15 mins
15 mins

25 mins
Session Two:  Current and Future Manoeuvre Support Capabilities

Manouevre Support Capabilities (2018-2023)
Mitigating risks to Divisional Engineer capabilities and the investment required to achieve this.
Update on the provision of Manouevre Support to Urban Operations
A brief stocktake following RUSI Urban Warfare Conference
Manouevre Support Capabilities in Support of STRIKE
- A ‘User’s perspective’ - observations from STRIKE experimentation.
Divisional Manouevre Support Concepts and Capacity
- Addressing the ‘General Support Gap’ - reconstituting mass or mitigating for its absence.
Panel Discussion
6 1240 – 1345hrs
(65 mins)
7 1345 – 1400hrs
(15 mins)
Session Three: Syndicate Discussions
- Central Briefing on Syndicate Activity
8 1400 – 1550hrs
(110 mins)
Syndicate 1: Reconstituting Mass or Mitigating for its Absence
-  Identify sustainable model to F-Gen General Support capability concurrently to sustaining Close Support Engineering Tasks, Theatre Entry Group tasks and Force Support Engineering tasks.
Syndicate 2: Resourcing Engineering Logistics at the Divisional Level
- Improve understanding Engr Log will be resourced across the Division.
Syndicate 3: Battlecraft Syllabus – Have we got it right?
- Identify best practice for the implementation of the BCS at Unit and Sub-Unit level.
Syndicate 4: Developing Manoeuvre Support Capability Interoperability  
-   Identify the activity required to achieve interoperability objectives with key partner nations
Syndicate 5: Manoeuvre Support to Urban Operations – Stocktake
- Stocktake following RUSI Urban Warfare Conference to determine progress in developing military engineer support to urban operations.
9 1550-1610hrs
(20 mins)
10 1610-1720hrs
(70 mins)
Session Three: Syndicate Feedback and Panel Discussion
- ‘In conversation with’ style discussion of the top three points identified from each syndicate (10 mins per syndicate and 20 mins for discussion). 
11 1720 – 1730hrs
(10 mins)
Closing Remarks