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Congratulations, you have started the process of professional registration.  Click on the appropriate link at the bottom of this page to start an application.   
1.         The generic standards required for professional registration are set out by the Engineering Council (EngC) in a booklet called The UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC).  Links to the UKSPEC will be included as part of your initial information pack.   
2.         It is a common misconception that professional registration is only about demonstrating your civil engineering and construction skills and experience.  It is not.  Whilst engaging in such projects undoubtedly provides useful evidence, your competence can be demonstrated equally or better by drawing on the full spectrum of your experience from relevant courses, military engineering operations and exercises. 
3.         InstRE Registration procedures require you to submit an initial application and a more detailed professional registration application in due course.  The primary purpose of the initial application is to enable the Institution’s Route Advisory Panel (RAP) to advise you whether you have the necessary education and experience to proceed with your professional application and, if you do not, how you might otherwise demonstrate or gain it. 
4.         If your qualifications and experience are sufficient then you will be invited to continue.  If not, then we will advise you how best to proceed.  We will provide guidance and support throughout, including allocating a personal mentor. 
5.            The culmination of the registration process is the production of a Professional Review Report (PRR) and you will be called to a short (1 hour) interview.  Both the PRR and interview are mandated by the EngC for anyone applying for professional registration through any of the licensed institutions. 
6.         Our procedures are open and contained in our Registration Handbook which can be found on line at but there is no requirement to consult the Handbook further before submitting an initial application.
7.            The route to achieving IEng and CEng is demanding but achievable and above all, satisfying and worthwhile
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