The Institution of Royal Engineers (InstRE)

Guidance Notes
Engineering Technician (EngTech)

This guidance is designed to make your application for EngTech as simple as possible.
Please ensure you read it all before starting the process.

As part of your application you will need to fully complete two forms:
The  EngTech Application and Guidance (Regular, Reserve and Non Serving).doc  see para 5
The Direct debit form for payment of fees.

1.What is an Engineering Technician?‚Äč
An Engineering Technician is an Officer, Warrant Officer or NCO (or exceptional Sapper) employed in applying
proven techniques and procedures to the solution of practical engineering problems.  They carry supervisory
or technical responsibility, often a combination of both, and are competent to propose and execute innovative
solutions to challenges as they occur.

EngTech is a valuable, portable recognized award that can be carried throughout your career both whilst serving
and retired and one which can be built upon further development.  This award demonstrates your competence
and your commitment to a continuing professional career.


2.Why should I register?
Registration has many benefits for employers, technicians and the UK economy.  Registration sets a professional
Engineering Technician apart from technicians who are unregistered.  It establishes their proven knowledge,
understanding and competence.  In particular, registration demonstrates a commitment to professional standards,
and to development and enhancement of competence.  Hence, whether specified in job advertisements or not,
registration as a professional Engineering Technician gives an edge to candidates who have achieved this.


3.Am I Qualified and able to Register?
First and foremost you need to be a member of the Institution of Royal Engineers (InstRE)  All Regular Officers
and NCOs are automatically members as they make a contribution to Sapper Welfare and Charities
(including InstRE)under the Day's Pay Scheme.

Officers must have completed the RE Troop Commanders Course and should ideally have some experience
at Regimental Duty.  NCOs should have completed the PNCO Cadre and have qualified at Class 1 in any of the
Corps trades.  All applicants are to have a sponsor; ideally their OC.

4.The Engineering Technician Selection Board
The EngTech Selection Board consists of Registered Engineers at either EngTech, IEng or CEng level
(serving and retired Royal Engineers as well as representatives from industry).  They review all applications
for EngTech status and make recommendations for the inclusion of the applicant on the UK's Register of
Professional Engineers and Technicians.


5.Application Guidance. How do I apply and what do I need to do?
The EngTech form consists of 8 Parts. The same form can be used for Serving Regulars, Reservists and
those who are now no longer serving.
Part 1.Personal and career details
Part 2.Documents. You will need to send the main form along with copies of any certificates you may
hold (NVQ/City & Guilds/RSME) your JPA competencies pages or Service leavers' list of courses and
a hardcopy of a completed direct debit form (link at the top of this page).
Part 3.Your obligations.
Part 4a.Your experience proforma. This should list anything that you have done in an engineering context.
           a. Ensure it is in chronological order and continues up to the present day.
           b. Use the first person (I did this….I did that. Do not use “we did such and such”) You can describe
what the group mission was but you must state what your part in it was.
               Go into detail of what YOU did. It is this lack of personal detail which is the most common
cause of applications being deferred.
           c. If you are referring to a course do not simply make a list of what was taught but rather what
you learned and how you have applied that knowledge since.
           d. Most successful applicants put together at least three to four full sides of A4.
           e. Do not simply list lines from your job specification or "I was responsible for the following........"
           f. Remember that your engineering knowledge and experience can come from a multitude of different
sources. Don’t focus solely on your main trade.
           g. The EngTech Selection Board members use part 7 of the main form. They are looking for evidence
of each of the five competencies A-E. Have a look and use this when drafting part 4a
Part 4b.Your future development plan. In an engineering context.
Part 5.Ethical working statement
Part 6.This is for your sponsor to complete. A sponsor should ideally be somebody who can vouch for you
(similar to if you were updating your passport) He/she should read your application and give some assistance
where required. In our experience we find that too many sponsors simply sign the page without reading
what they are signing.
Parts 7 and 8.For assessor use only

6.What does it cost?
InstRE charges no initial administration fee for the registration process at the EngTech level.  Annual registration
fees for EngTech for 2019 are £19.40 for Serving Regular Officers and £37.40 for all others. 
The reason for the difference is that Serving Regular Officers pay a much greater proportion of a day's pay for
membership than all other members Click here for more information regarding the fee structure . 
Members on the regular full time trained strength and who have not submitted notice to leave the Armed Forces
are usually eligible to claim back in full their annual registration fees.  Details on eligibility and how to claim
through JPA are contained within 2017DIN07-065. 


7.Application and Institution Membership

Membership:  All serving, regular Royal Engineers who contribute to the RE Day's Pay Scheme (the overwhelming
majority - but not QGE who contribute to Gurkha Welfare Scheme instead) are already InstRE members.
However, the information we hold on you is strictly limited and as part of your application for EngTech we would
be grateful if you also complete the InstRE membership form Serving Regular and Reserve or Non Serving as applicable.


Please send all paperwork to:
Institution of Royal Engineers
Ravelin Building
Brompton Barracks

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us 01634 822371 or