The Institution of Royal Engineers (InstRE)

Engineering Technician Selection Board Member

Every 10 weeks InstRE convenes an Engineering Technician (EngTech) Selection Board. The purpose of the Board is to review all EngTech applications received in the previous 10 weeks and to recommend to the Registration Panel that the award be granted (or otherwise)

Board Members can give 1 of 3 results for each application:

1. Endorsed-The Board recommends the Award is granted by the Registration Panel.
2. Deferred-The Board recommends that in order for the application to be endorsed further information is required. Where deferral is recommended it does not suggest that the application has
failed; merely that it is incomplete.
3. Rejected-The application is not considered to be up to the required standard and the Board recommend that the Registration Panel reject it. In this case the applicant must re-apply.

Board Members are all volunteers and must be Professionally Registered Engineers at either EngTech, IEng or CEng grade.  Ideally, those who are now IEng/CEng should have been EngTech at some stage in the past and all Board members should be up to speed in their current level of registration . On the first 2 occasions of sitting on the Board new members do so as observers only. This permits the Board Chairman and other members to explain the awarding criteria and procedures.  Board members are strongly encouraged to participate in any Peer Group training organized by InstRE.

Boards usually meet on a Thursday morning at 1000hrs in the Royal Engineers Museum and generally take about 3 hours to conclude their business. The longer term goal is to convene Boards in locations such as Tidworth and Chilwell to cut the amount of travelling required by Board members. To do this we need potential Board members for those locations to make themselves known. Currently whilst the RE Museum building is undergoing renovation Selection Boards will sit in alternative office space within Brompton Barracks.

If so contact the Assistant Registrar, Mr Jason Farnell Tel 01634 822149.