The Institution of Royal Engineers (InstRE)


How much will it cost? The cost is £15.00 per year.  This is in addition to our membership fees.

Have I got to be a member of the Institution? Yes.  The EngTech status is a measured UK specification and accordingly can only be conferred by a Professional Engineering Institution (PEI). Therefore you will be required to be a member of such an organization.

Can I be over qualified? No, but in this initial stage of awarding the EngTech to some of our more senior members it may appear so.  However, EngTech is in itself a standalone qualification which can provide if required a development base for members for IEng and CEng.

What happens when I leave the Army?  Your EngTech status will remain with you as long as you continue to be a member of the Institution of Royal Engineers.

What has RE CPD got to do with the process? RE CPD is the professional development arm of the Corps and operates under the umbrella of the Institution.  RE CPD has the knowledge and the skills to assist individuals in their personal development.  This process can also assist the individual in the seamless transition to EngTech.