The Institution of Royal Engineers (InstRE)


Institution of Royal Engineers Registration Handbook Current (V7)

This document (Sections 1 to 4 below) was updated to Amdt 19 on 18 June 2019.
Amendments are also available as separate pdf (see below). Take care that where back to back printing has been used that pages are not accidentally removed.

Note from the InstRE Registrar (Please read before consulting the document below)

Section 1. Policy and Procedures
Section 2. Constitution and Terms of Reference for Panels and Committees
Section 3. Application Forms
Section 4. Instructions for Awarding Engineering Technician Status

  Amdt 1

  Amdt 2

  Amdt 3  Hard copies of the United Kingdom Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UKSPEC) are available on request from the InstRE Registrar.   Click here for a .PDF version of   the   UKSPEC.

  Amdt 4

  Amdt 5

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  Amdt 8 9 & 10

  Amdt 11 This amendment contains UKSPEC as a .pdf document. A limited quantity of UK SPEC are available as hardcopy from the InstRE Registrar. 

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