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The Royal Engineers Historical Society (REHS) seeks to revive and sustain an interest in the history and heritage of the Royal Engineers both amongst the family of the Corps and wider afield, providing a lively forum for discussion and debate on Military Engineering and related issues from the tactical to the strategic. It is also designed to attract and engage external public and academic engagement, including the generation of articles for publication in the RE Journal, and exposing the Corps’ past story and current development to a wider audience. It therefore serves a number of roles, including the fostering of professional development and in attracting some useful reputational benefit. In so doing, the REHS supports the overarching remit of the Institution:
"to promote and advance the science of military engineering and to promote the military efficiency of the Corps of Royal Engineers”
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Forthcoming Events:


AGM   The REHS Annual General Meeting will take place in the Brompton Barracks Auditorium on Thursday 17 Oct 2019.  People wishing to attend are to contact


Normandy 75 –  18 October 2019 – The Auditorium, Brompton Barracks, Chatham.  10am Start.  In acknowledgement of the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Normandy the Society will explore the role of the Sappers during and after D-Day. The day will include examination of Hobart’s 79th Division, the obstacles faced at Omaha Beach and the sustainment of the Land Forces focusing on PLUTO and Mulberry Harbours. The event is free for Institution and REHS members.  For non-members the event cost is £15 per person.  Individuals are required to register here in order to gain access to Brompton Barracks.  The cut off date for the registering is 8 Oct 19. 
Click here for the programme of events for this study day.

Corps Guest Night.  Serving Officers should be aware that a Corps Guest Night is taking place the evening before.  Individuals wishing to attend are to contact the HQ RE Mess Secretary

Battlefield Study Assistance.  Remember that your Society can help you scratch that Battlefield Study itch. Do not hesitate to contact to get help or advice.


Contacting the REHS. If you have any ideas, questions, enquiries or queries then please contact the REHS through the Secretary ( or visit the Institution of Royal Engineers website -  https://www.instreorg/pages/re-historical-society.php


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